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Organic Chix Magnesium Oil Spray

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Are you low in Magnesium? Chances are you ARE low and do not realize it. The way our food is grown now and our water sourced most are becoming deficient in Magnesium. One way is to begin taking internal forms of Magnesium. This is not ideal for most as it gives you intestinal issues or is not absorbing well for one reason or another. A new way to take your Magnesium is through a transdermal absorption. You simply spray the Magnesium Oil Spray after a shower when your pores are open and receiving. Let sit for a few minutes and then rub in with your lotion of choice. The best place to spray the Magnesium Oil is either tops of shoulders, inside of your forearm or bottom of your foot. These are absorbable areas and will get the best results. There is a tingling sensation felt while the magnesium is absorbing.

All Organic Chix products work on a refill program to help reduce and reuse bottles. Look for the convenient refill pouches and leave your bottle at home.


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